11 September 2010

More tragic news at SeaWorld as whale dies mysteriously

SeaWorld San Diego announced this week that one of its killer whales has died mysteriously. The whale, a 12 year old male named Sumar, was the star of the orca show.

Officials said Sumar began to act lethargic on Monday and was given antibiotics by the parks veterinarian. His condition worsened and he died on Tuesday. A necropsy is planned to determine his cause of death.

There has been a series of tragic events occurring in the SeaWorld company this year. In June a whale named Taima died while giving birth to a stillborn calf at the Orlando park. Also in Orlando last February, trainer Dawn Brancheau was killed by the whale Tilikum during a training session.

Robin Lawless | Robin's Facebook
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Photo credit: cc: flickr.com/photos/martin_julia


  1. This is so very sad. Whales are not solitary animals, they (like us) need the contact and communication of their species - they are social animals!!! It wouldn't surprise me if Sumar died of depression.