02 August 2010

‘Why I love being a vegan or vegetarian’ reader submissions

Recently we asked our veg Tweeps to tell us in 140 characters or less "Why I love being a vegan/vegetarian." Below are some of the answers we received.

As for my why?  @daelyn Because it's the right thing to do. There doesn’t always have to be science or evidence to point to—sometimes you just know in your heart that you should or shouldn't do something. Eating animals is something we should not do. I truly believe that animals are smarter than we think. I believe they feel. I believe they love. I believe they mourn. As humans we are familiar with our own ways of expressing those emotions. We obviously do not understand animals in the slightest. If we did, we would never ever ever eat them.

Reader submissions:

@vegix Love veganism because it's good for the animals, planet, humanity, health, economy and it tastes great!

@SuperheroAngie I love being vegan b/c I'm one more person that is making a stand against those damned sadistic slaughter houses.

@greenvegnliving I love the variety of foods I discovered after taking meat out of my diet. There are so many delicious fruits and veggies!

@vegansalt Becoming vegan allowed me to love food and to eat without guilt. I am healthier, happier, & feel more connected to all life.

@melissagerman I love being a #vegan because I know it's saving the lives of animals and saving the environment. It makes me feel good :)

@bookchick12 I love being a new vegan because both my body and my conscience feel lighter.

@RickiHeller Because it allows me to be more creative in cooking/eating--I can indulge in all new foods feeling good & know it's safe!

@MegsaVegan Because it makes my body, the animals, and the earth happy.

@BlackVeganWoman I love being a vegan because it allows me to fully enjoy the benefits of a plant based diet!

@Alloyjane Aside from it giving me something in common w some of the greatest minds in history, I <3 being veg cuz it just feels right.

@yesmelynda I love being vegan because it makes every choice simpler, every moment sweeter—it really is just the right way to live.

trehops.com I love being vegan because it has helped me think outside the narrow minded box I had been living in my whole life. I now feel happier and healthier than ever because of the food choices I am making.

Now it's your turn.  Please feel free to tweet us or comment with your reasoning.  We will update this post as we get more submissions.

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Photo Credit: Daelyn Fortney