16 August 2010

Farm Sanctuary launches new behind the scenes video series

Farm Sanctuary has launched a new video series which gives supporters a behind the scenes look at life on the farm. The series, dubbed Reel Life at Farm Sanctuary, will be a continuing part of the organization’s Sanctuary Tails blog which chronicles daily life at the non-profit’s shelters.

“We decided to do a video series because there is such abundance here at Farm Sanctuary it would be greedy to keep all these sweet, funny, joyful, and poignant moments that we witness on a daily basis all to our ourselves,” said Susie Coston, national shelter director for Farm Sanctuary. “By giving viewers an up-close look at the wide range of emotions and strong friendships experienced by farm animals, these v-logs will help inspire new ways of viewing and treating these incredibly complex and intelligent beings, and hopefully move more people towards treating them with compassion.”

The first episode follows Coston as she moves the animals from one pasture to another. In a beautiful display of love and respect, the calves, cattle, and sheep follow Coston as she calls to them—without any herding. The episode is 4:43 minutes and definitely worth a watch.

To view the first installment of "Reel Life at Farm Sanctuary" visit Sanctuary Tails.

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Photo Credit: video screen capture