30 August 2010

Animal Behavior College offers animal lovers a chance to follow their passion

Soon it's back to school for students all across the country, including adults who are going back to school to pursue new careers. Many of these students are not only looking for a job, but a career that allows them to follow their passion. Students with a predilection for animals may enjoy the programs that Animal Behavior College (ABC) provides.

ABC offers three programs - Certified Dog Obedience Instructor training, Certified Veterinary Assistant, and Certified Grooming Instruction.

Owner Steve Appelbaum stated, "It's a fantastic way for animal lovers to turn their dream into a career."

Students complete part of the program at home and the remainder with a hand-picked mentor. The mentor, a working professional in the given field, is within driving distance of the student.

"Our programs allow students to pursue a career without putting their lives on hold," said Appelbaum. "Many people start in these fields as a side job and then turn it into a career."

Appelbaum continued, "Starting up a pet-related business in some instances, such as dog training, can require very little capital. Just some basic equipment and business cards. However, students graduating from our Groomer or Veterinary programs are often hired by their mentors."

Based on current statistics, an animal-related career could be a very wise choice:
  • The American Pet Product Manufacturers Association predicts that the pet business will generate $2.2 billion more revenue this year.
  • Grooming is projected to generate $3.45 billion.
  • Veterinary services are projected to generate $12.7 billion.
  • The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates the number of animal trainers in the U.S. to grow by 10,000 in the next eight years.
For those wanting to advance in existing careers, ABC also offers two continuing education programs (CEPs), and a third CEP, scheduled for mid-2011, that will teach students how to start, manage and market a pet sitting and/or dog walking business. These programs are available to students, graduates and ABC alumni members.

For more information on ABC, visit AnimalBehaviorCollegeCourses.com.

Julia is a student who has a passion for veganism, animal welfare, and religious studies.

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Photo Credit: cc: flickr.com/photos/libbydorazione