23 August 2010

EcoPartyTime.com offers environmentally friendly party items

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), household waste in the United States increases by one million extra tons each year between Thanksgiving and New Year’s.

In hope of decreasing the impact of party waste during special events, new site EcoPartyTime.com now offers affordable, environmentally-friendly party items for birthday, anniversary, baby shower, graduation, and holiday celebrations.

Monica Garg Singhal, owner and founder of EcoPartyTime.com, believes party-planners need a place where they can shop for celebration decorations without the guilt of wasting so many materials. She states, “Aiming to reduce waste at a party can be realistic and affordable; since once the party is over, many of these items can be re-used or re-gifted and some may even become keepsakes. Moreover, eco-party planning can set an example for attending guests, especially kids, leaving a lasting impression about environmental consciousness.”

In an effort to become a role model for a new era of greener celebrations, EcoPartyTime.com features party supplies that are natural, organic, recycled or sustainable. Including, tableware made from organic bamboo, party hats made of reusable felt, 100% cotton and silk costumes, chlorine free recycled paper, decorations, and goodie bags. Additionally, EcoPartyTime.com donates 5% of their profits to charities involved with environmental conservation.

Julia is a student who has a passion for veganism, animal welfare, and religious studies.

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Photo Credit: EcoPartyTime