16 August 2010

Whole Foods survey reveals consumers choosing organics more frequently

After delving into the greasy, oily and flesh filled world of fast food “restaurants” the past couple of weeks, I decided it was time for a food story that featured some positive aspects. More specifically something that lacked the nutritional sticker shock—and animal rights horrors—that tend to accompany anything regarding McDonalds, Whataburger or KFC.

According to Whole Food Market’s annual Food Shopping Trends Tracker survey, organic food purchasing is on the rise. The survey, conducted by Harris Interactive in June, revealed that 75% of adults continue to purchase natural and/or organic foods, a slight improvement over last year’s 73% tally. More significantly, 27 percent of adults claim that natural and/or organic foods make up more than one quarter of their total food purchases, a 7% improvement over last year’s number.

The same survey found that Baby Boomers are paying more attention to the nutritional value of their foods than they did three decades ago:

“More than four-fifths of adults say they are now more concerned with what foods they eat (84%), they read nutrition labels more closely today (84%) and have a better understanding of how their food is produced (83%) than they did in 1980.”

"There has been a sea change these past 30 years in shopper attitudes toward food with a growing appetite for information on how and where food is produced to what's in the food and how it impacts health," says Michael Besancon, Senior Global Vice President of Purchasing, Distribution & Marketing for Whole Foods Market. "Looking to the future, Whole Foods Market will continue to be a trusted source for our shoppers who are asking more questions about food while striving to eat healthier."

For now let’s ignore the other unhealthy trends in our society and revel in the positivity—at least for a few minutes.

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