13 August 2010

National Geographic launches virtual animal world for kids to explore

National Geographic has launched its first virtual animal kingdom encouraging children to discover science and nature. Created for youth who love pretending to be animals, National Geographic Animal Jam is an advertisement-free online world that gives players the opportunity to virtually transform themselves into their favorite animals.

With the help of multimedia, children are encouraged to use their imaginations as they explore the the world of Jamaa—discovering beaches, villages, and mysterious ruins. Players will have access to games, trivia challenges, chat, and all sorts of educational resources.

“Since kids are truly explorers at heart, they will love National Geographic Animal Jam,” said herpetologist Dr. Brady Barr, host of National Geographic Channel’s “Dangerous Encounters with Brady Barr.” “What better way to give kids a real-world animal adventure online than to allow them to discover the animal kingdom virtually through play, interactive experiences and engagement with fascinating information about their favorite animal friends?”

Of course, we can’t discuss kids and the internet without speaking of safety. Parents can rest assure that National Geographic Animal Jam offers a secure online environment as the virtual world is monitored 24/7 by moderation technology and professional moderators.

Animal Jam is available for free play but starting in September, parents will have the opportunity to upgrade to a paid membership with additional content if they desire.

So grab your kids and head on over to National Geographic Animal Jam. As I write this article my daughters are looking over my shoulder ready to give it a go!

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Photo Credit: screen capture