11 August 2010

Pro golfer Phil Mickelson turns vegetarian to help combat arthritis

PGA star Phil Mickelson has plenty of experience dealing with health issues in his family. His wife Amy and mother Mary were both diagnosed with breast cancer within six weeks of each other prompting “Lefty” to take time off in 2009 to tend to his family.

Now the 2010 Masters champion has an ailment of his own to battle, revealing that he was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis, a disease that causes his immune system to attack his joins and tendons.

The good news, he reports since receiving treatment he has felt “100 percent” and his diagnosis also has led him to kick the meat habit, yes Phil Mickelson—who apparently was known as a burger connoisseur— has been a vegetarian for two months.

What can the 40-year-old San Diego Calif. native expect from this positive transformation? Well according to PCRM, vegetarian diets help prevent cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, gallstones, kidney stones, osteoporosis, and even asthma.

Good luck Phil with your new diet and we at TDIV wish you and your family the best.

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Photo Credit: cc:flickr.com/photos/littlezey


  1. Good for him! Best of luck.

  2. Tiger is in trouble. Phil has got some health issues. I bet that the 20-something players smell blood in the water! I am certain that they must feel that their chances of doing well for themselves has just improved considerably.

  3. I agree anonymous, this opens the field up a bit for the rest of the golfers. Tiger is in a free fall and with Phil's health issues some of the other pro's have to be salivating. Beyond that though, good luck Phil.I am not sure I could give up my White Castle burgers but more power to you.

  4. Phil has my deepest sympathies in this difficult time. I pray that he somehow finds the strength of body, soul, mind and character that only comes from eating meat. Tonight, I will eat a juicy beef brisket in his honor.

  5. veganavenger8/11/10, 11:58 AM

    Interesting Carnivore that you mention "body, soul, mind and character" in connection with eating a creature that was at one time sentient prior to being slaughtered for your consumption. Doesn't seem too righteous to me.

    Let me add, when was the last time someone was diagnosed with a disease and followed said diagnosis with news that they are eating more brisket? I haven't met a doctor yet that would recommend increasing meat consumption for health benefits while dealing with a serious illness.

    Good luck to Mr. Mickelson.

  6. Best wishes to Phil! I was once a very serious road bike racer in the 1990s but it ended with chronic knee problems and severe pain. I didn't have arthritis but I dealt with some very painful inflammation. At the end of a race I could barely walk...

    About 10 years later I went vegan. This helped my knees and other health issues after trying everything. I'm now back on my bike pain-free! Going veggie rocks! (I believe going dairy-free was the biggest thing that helped my knees)

    Again, best wishes to Phil. Going vegetarian is a great way to eat! My husband and I eat like kings and queens! We're in our 40s and feel better than we did in our 20s!

  7. Phil needs to make the next step and just go vegan. I remember when I made the switch the health benefits were amazing. I dropped my blood pressure, my cholesterol level fell and I felt and feel great. Like Nike says Just do it!

  8. I hope he gives up dairy, too, as that will help tremendously.

  9. Question for the people here: What did you use as a replacement for milk (assuming your drank it in the first place)? I'm hesitant to use soy milk.


  10. I am a huge fan of Almond Milk personally. Especially when you are considering it as a stand alone drink. It's also great in dessert recipes.