09 August 2010

Majority of Americans concerned about long term effects of beverage packaging

Many of us are not big fans of the bottled water industry and apparently this notion is catching on.

A study conducted by Concept Catalysts for BeveragePulse.com reveals that 94% of Americans are concerned with the long term environmental impacts caused by beverage packaging, leading to a drop in demand for products like bottled water.

Specifically, 45% of survey respondents claim the number one concern they have regarding beverage packaging is recycling while 56% said recycling was a critical issue.

"Our research shows that consumers think about the environment when they are making beverage purchases; specifically, the findings indicate that consumers relate positively to packages that are easy to recycle. Beverage companies should start a full court press on recycling,” said Bob Falkenberg, founder of BeveragePulse.com and president of Concept Catalyst.

The report also found that consumers, although mindful of recycling, still don’t do so at work or at other locations away from home. Maybe it’s due to confusion.

Interestingly half of respondents were “confused” as to what sustainability means, some even stating they believe it is a “negative” attribute. Let’s all hope they aren’t the ones dictating policy in the near future.

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Photo Credit: cc: flickr.com/photos/alohateam