09 August 2010

Sir David Attenborough to host Discovery Channel’s ‘First Life’

World-renowned naturalist Sir David Attenborough has signed on to host Discovery Channel’s First Life—a series event that documents how nature’s first animals evolved and eventually became the modern animals we know today.

Premiering this fall, First Life will combine state of the art computer-generated imagery (CGI) with exotic locations and Attenborough’s masterful storytelling.

“Sir David Attenborough is the gold standard in natural history television. He is behind some of television's most watched, critically acclaimed programs. Discovery is honored to continue this rich heritage and tradition," said Clark Bunting, President and General Manager of Discovery Channel.

As a respected face and voice of natural history programming, Attenborough will use his signature enthusiasm to present viewers with detailed explanations of the development of the digestive tract, how some species evolved to have more than 5,000 lenses as eyes, and how the existence of a “living fossil” could very well be likely.

"From the moment they evolved to the moment they took their first steps on land, we can see the first movements, the first eyes, the first skeletons and the very first predators. We can also understand how those first animals laid the foundations for modern life," said Attenborough.

First Life will debut on the Discovery Channel Fall 2010.

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Photo Credit: cc:flickr.com/photos/foreignoffice