06 August 2010

Alec Baldwin to narrate National Geographic Channel’s ‘Great Migrations’

National Geographic Channel announced that Alec Baldwin will narrate Great Migrations, a seven-hour high-definition miniseries that takes viewers on the journeys of millions of animals who travel from one point to another to ensure the survival of their species.

"Great Migrations is more than stunning imagery; it presents incredible stories about survival, family and life, and I can't think of a better voice to take viewers along on these journeys than Alec Baldwin," said National Geographic Channel Executive Producer Char Serwa. "His skill at conveying the drama, range of emotions and compelling information all in one will only add to the viewer experience."

The television event—three years in the making spanning 20 countries on all 7 continents—will premier globally on the National Geographic Channel this fall.

To view the event trailer visit www.natgeotv.com/migrations.

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Photo Credit: video screen capture