03 August 2010

Whataburger to give away free burgers, stretchy waist band pants not included

Whataburger is celebrating its 60th anniversary today and to really get the party started— because nothing says parrrtttyy like gut busting cow flesh—the Corpus Christi-based restaurant chain is giving away free burgers to anyone who wears orange. Considering the caloric, fat and sodium totals contained inside the greasy spoon’s fare, you might want to toss on your favorite orange expandable waistband sweatpants.

If you have ever suffered from new car sticker shock then you know exactly I how I felt when I read through Whataburger’s “nutritional” guide. I literally had to examine some of the nutritional facts twice because frankly I couldn’t believe my healthy vegan fed eyes.

For example, say you decided on a BBQ Cheddar Burger for your “free” meal, that bad boy contains 1050 calories—good God have mercy, 560 calories from fat, 170 mg of cholesterol and 2017 mg sodium. Somebody hook these poor customers up with a free blood pressure, cholesterol and heart stress test.

Whataburger, though, was kind enough to itemize each ingredient. My favorite being the, “Bun Oil for Large White Bun”. Mmmmm! At least this culinary disaster has diced onions and 6 pickle slices, right?

My advice, pay for a healthy meal now instead of allowing your “free meal” make you pay later.

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Photo Credit: cc: flickr.com/photos/kt