26 July 2010

New Marriott Courtyard in Charleston South Carolina to be first LEED green hotel prototype

Hotels are one of those necessary evils in life, just the thought of sleeping in a bed shared by hundreds if not thousands has always sent chills of anxiety and dread down my spine. And even though I have outgrown this phobia, for the most part, if I must endure a night imagining all of the little beasties crawling about at the very least the hotel should be LEED certified—yes I am reaching a bit.

The Courtyard in Charleston/Summerville, South Carolina will be the first facility built using Marriott’s “green hotel” prototype that was designed in concert with the U.S. Green Building Council (USCBC). The prototype is the first hotel to be pre-approved LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) by the USCBC within the hospitality industry.

The hotel, slated to open in early 2012, will save roughly $100,000 and up to 25 percent energy and water savings for its owners. Additionally the sleek new prototype saved 6 months in design time.

"This new program packages all the basic requirements for LEED certification in a prototype," said Karim Khalifa, senior vice president, architecture and construction for Marriott International. "It saves our owners valuable time and money in the planning process and allows us to provide a greener portfolio of hotels for our guests."

The Maryland-based hotel chain’s goal is to have 300 LEED facilities by 2015.

One request to Marriott, could you also include complimentary DreamSacks?

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Photo Credit: Marriott International