26 July 2010

Animals receive own political party in Switzerland

This weekend, animals received their own political party in Switzerland. Called TierPartei Schweiz (TPS)– Animal Party Switzerland—the group is dedicated to keeping the interest of animals at the center of attention.

The Animal Party says it’s not another animal welfare organization but rather they hope to “champion the interests of animals as fellow creatures in our society and give them political and economic power is a clear, unambiguous voice.”

The Animal Party is committed to:
  • Protection of animals and promotion of those interests
  • Raising awareness and promoting an animal handling of animals
  • Improving the relationship between man and animal
  • Replacement of animal experiments medically and ethically acceptable methods
  • Strengthening of sustainable, ethical principles based on Swiss agriculture
  • Protection and promotion of the natural habitats of animals
  • Promotion of innovative, environmentally responsible and ethical and socially acceptable basis economy
  • Support a sustainable energy policy with the inclusion of environmental and innovative ideas
For more information visit TierPartei or the party’s Facebook page.

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Photo Credit: EVANA


  1. Are you effin kidding me? This is for real? This is exactly the problem with the animal rights movement. Too many wackos pulling this kind of crap. It sets the movement back farther and farther.

  2. Lighten up Anonymous. Maybe the animals could actually get something done unlike their human counterparts.

  3. Agree with the first anonymous, this is fuggin insane.

  4. I think it's great!!!

    To anonymous 1: First of all, these are not wackos; this type of attitude is becoming more mainstream. Maybe you are the wacko for fighting against animal rights.

    BTW, what makes you think you are sooo superior to other animals? The history of the human race? Its capacity to dish out cruelty to our own kind and other species? What exactly is it that makes us so superior?