22 July 2010

McDonald’s quarterly earnings expected to be strong, more proof cheap beats healthy

The home of the never aging Happy Meal, suppliers who practice cruel slaughter and of course a menu that causes extreme weight gain just by knowing it exists, reportedly will announce strong quarterly earnings this Friday, July 22.

Even though McDonald’s struggled for a spell during the recession, the king of cholesterol is back on the road to recovery, thanks to its grease filled and, more importantly, cheap food. Sadly consumers are unable to see that the thrift and convenience they crave now will lead to high medical expenses and a depleted quality of life later.

According to a study published in 2009, obesity alone costs the United States an estimated $147 billion per year with obese citizens paying an average of $1,429 more per year in care costs than their fit counterparts. The same study revealed that if nobody in the U.S. were obese, health care spending would drop by 9%.

And unfortunately this plague of unhealthy living is not found exclusively in the United States.

Research conducted in China found that one-in-ten adults residing in the world’s largest nation have diabetes with an additional 16% on the verge of developing the debilitating disease. Lead researcher, Dr Yang Wenying, attributed the dramatic increase in diabetes to “an aging population, urbanization, nutritional changes and decreasing levels of physical activity along with the epidemic of obesity.” Sound familiar?

Oh and coincidentally McDonald’s is planning to double their restaurant presence in China by the end of 2013 to over 2,000, this was announced at the opening of the fast food giant’s new “McDonald’s Hamburger University” in Shanghai. Apparently Fattening our Nation’s Youth 101 and Introduction to Decreasing a Country’s Life Expectancy are already booked up.

McDonald’s growth is not just centered in China however, because obviously clogged arteries and large waistlines should be a global occurrence. During 2009 citizens of Europe were “lovin’ it,” Mickey D’s sales increased by 5.2% versus a 2.6% surge in the U.S. In fact, the European market contributed the largest share of revenue at $9.3 billion; the U.S. came in second at $7.9 billion with outlets in Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Africa accounting for $4.3 billion.

You see McDonald’s is everywhere so it’s up to you, the individual, to avoid their health destroying fare.

So the next time your tummy starts rumbling and you happen to be driving by one of the gazillion golden arches that litter our highways and byways, to steal the war on drugs motto, "Just Say NO!"

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Photo Credit: cc: flickr.com/photos/akoaraisin