20 July 2010

Women prefer natural cork according to 100PercentCork.org

An interesting statistic was brought to light by a Facebook fan page supporting the use of all natural cork wine stoppers, the people behind the natural cork movement—bet you didn’t know one existed—100PercentCork.org claim that the majority of their 15,000 fans are women.

Since the launch of the fan page on May 20, sixty-nine-percent of those who have joined are female. So what is the driving force behind this gender disparity?

Could it be that more women drink wine than men? Or possibly women are just more compassionate when it comes to the cork production industry. The countless scenarios definitely provide fodder for deep thought.

All jokes aside, the Facebook campaign has been viewed as a smashing success by one of its supporters, executive director of the Cork Quality Council, Peter Weber.

"The initial response to the 100% Cork campaign has been phenomenal," said Weber. "We expect the campaign to continue gathering strength as more consumers learn about the benefits of cork -- especially to the environment -- further widening the gap between natural cork and synthetic wine stoppers."

So what is the big deal when it comes to cork selection?

According to 100PercentCork.org, metal screw caps and plastic stoppers produce 10-24 times more greenhouse gases and consume as much as five times more non-renewable energy than natural cork over their life-cycles. Natural cork is recyclable, biodegradable and without the support of industries, like wine production, the stewardship of cork oak forests may be at greater risk.

Considering the facts maybe women just have it figured out, come on guys!

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Photo Credit: cc: flickr.com/photos/glenscott