20 July 2010

Katie Holmes plays green-obsessed vegan in upcoming movie 'The Extra Man'

A new comedy titled The Extra Man follows Louis Ives (Paul Dano), a lonely man who thinks of himself as the hero of an F. Scott Fitzgerald novel. An embarrassing moment forces the dreamer to leave his job and head for New York City where he finds work at an environmental magazine and falls for green-obsessed, vegan co-worker Mary (Katie Holmes).

The heart of the story is a lasting mentor-protégé bond that Louis develops with eccentric playwright Henry Harrison (Kevin Kline)—the penniless man who rents Louis a room in his run-down apartment.

The Extra Man is based on the novel of the same name by comedic writer Jonathan Ames. When filmmakers Robert Pulcini and Shari Springer Berman, Academy Award-nominated directors of American Splendor, went to translate the book into a film they wanted to keep the novel’s timeless quality yet set it in present day.

“The Katie Holmes character, Mary, is a good example,” explained Pulcini. “She’s a very modern character – she works at an environmental magazine, and obviously audiences very much associate her with contemporary culture. But at the same time Mary is kind of a fantasy, like an F. Scott Fitzgerald heroine, very elusive and romantic, at least from Louis’ perspective.”

The Extra Man is currently being shown On Demand, Direct TV, DISH Network, Playstation, XBOX Live, Amazon, and Vudu. The movie hits theaters on July 30.

Watch the trailer:

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Photo Credit: Magnolia Pictures