12 July 2010

Goodwill Industries launches online ‘Donation Impact Calculator’

You may think that unused purple leisure suit you donated to your local Goodwill didn’t make much of a difference in your community but believe it or not even that 70’s chick-magnet-turned-eyesore helped a fellow citizen. If you still need reassurance, Goodwill Industries now provides the Donation Impact Calculator, an online resource that shows the impact your donations make in areas such as job training, financial planning class and career counseling.

The calculator was created in conjunction with the social service organization’s new “Donate Movement” campaign, an initiative designed to “help impact positive social change and environmental sustainability in communities everywhere.”

“We’re grateful to the thousands of people every year whose donations translate into much-needed job training and placement services. However, there is still more we can do,” said Jim Gibbons, president and CEO of Goodwill Industries International. “Many used items that could be turned into valuable community services are ending up in landfills. The ‘Donate Movement’ will help consumers understand the far-reaching positive impact of donating.”

Apparently, according to a Goodwill survey, Mr. Gibbons’ assessment that we can do more is spot on. The survey found that seven-in-ten respondents admitted “they have decided not to donate unused clothing items in the past.” Punching a few numbers in the new Donation Impact Calculator reveals that donating just 30 articles of clothing funds more than four hours of job search class for one person.

Additionally, in the spirit of the universally recognized recycle symbol, Goodwill has introduced a new “Donation” icon. The symbol will appear on everyday products and aims to increase consumer awareness of the “power of their donated goods.”

In conjunction with Goodwill Industries donation campaign, This Dish Is Veg is offering a free e-book called Donation Day With Eva Steeva which tells the tale of a young girl who learns the importance of giving and highlights donation centers as a great place to shop.

>>>Children’s book about the goodness of giving available for free download

Photo Credit:screen capture