11 July 2010

Children’s book about the goodness of giving available for free download

A little over a year ago, This Dish Is Veg editor Eric Fortney wrote his first children's book titled Donation Day With Eva Steeva— an inspiring tale about a young girl who learns the importance of giving. 

In Donation Day With Eva Steeva, Eva wakes up one Saturday morning and discovers that it's garage cleaning day which always means a trip to the Donation Center. She knows that she will most likely have to part with one of her most prized possessions. By the end of the day, Eva learns the age-old adage that giving truly is better than receiving.

Along with addressing the importance of donating goods, the story shows Eva's family shopping at a donation center. “I want children to understand that it’s not only wonderful to be charitable but donation centers are also a great place to shop,” says Fortney. “You can purchase items at low prices and the money is used to help others in need. Additionally there is nothing more green than reusing.”

To help promote the book's message that "giving without the need for thanks is the best kind of giving," This Dish Is Veg is offering a FREE e-book version of Donation Day With Eva Steeva.  We hope parents will use the story as an opportunity to share the joy of giving with their children.

>>>Click here to download Donation Day With Eva Steeva [pdf]
Donation Day With Eva Steeva written by Eric Fortney, illustrated by Daelyn Fortney

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Photo Credit:Daelyn Fortney