10 July 2010

‘Entourage’ star Adrian Grenier featured in PSA to protect Atlantic bluefin tuna

Adrian Grenier, star of the hit HBO Series “Entourage,” is featured in a new Oceana Public Service Announcement (PSA) campaign titled Going Fast—an effort designed to bring attention to the bluefin tuna populations that have been reduced by more than 82% as a result of overfishing.

“I couldn’t sit back idly while this amazing predator is being pushed to the brink of extinction,” Grenier said. “We are fishing bluefin at alarming rates, and now their spawning grounds are also threatened by the oil spill in the Gulf. We need to take action and keep the bluefin from going fast.”

Oceana Chief Scientist Mike Hirshfield added, “It is a critical time for bluefin tuna and we are glad to have a person as passionate about the environment as Adrian working with us. These fish are like the lions and tigers of the sea and yet their population decline does not get the attention it requires. These powerful PSAs will help bring the plight of this top predator to the surface and help us bring about real policy change to save them.”

The Going Fast campaign includes tv and radio spots in addition to web and print ads.

For more information on how you can help Oceana and Adrian Grenier’s efforts to save bluefin tuna, visit www.oceana.org/goingfast.

Adrian Grenier Wants To Stop Bluefin Tuna From Going Too Fast from Oceana on Vimeo.

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Photo Credit:Oceana/Tim Calver