30 June 2010

Citizens suing Seattle for supporting neglectful treatment of Woodland Park Zoo Elephants

Seattle residents Mary Sebek and Nancy Farnam, represented by the Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF), are suing the City of Seattle to stop the use of taxpayer dollars to support Woodland Park Zoo’s mistreatment of its elephants. The parties allege that the elephants are subjected to inadequate facilities, abusive management practices, intentional neglect, and irresponsible breeding practices.

Because of the Zoo’s disregard for the animal’s welfare, elephants Bamboo, Watoto, and Chai suffer from severe and chronic foot and joint injuries, unexplained physical trauma and bleeding, and sustained psychological harm.

“As a taxpayer, I feel obliged to take a stand to make sure that the City of Seattle stops funding animal cruelty,” said Sebek.

“It’s time for the City of Seattle to pull the plug on the Zoo’s inadequate facilities and cruel and dangerous practices in its elephant exhibit,” said Farnam. “Bamboo, Watoto, and Chai deserve better—and the taxpayers of Seattle are demanding accountability.”

Concerned citizens can sign a petition on the ALDF website in support of the lawsuit.

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Photo Credit: cc: flickr.com/photos/cara_vsangel