18 June 2010

Sir Richard’s vegan condom company looking to spread love and stop disease

Sir Richard’s, a condom company from Boulder, CO, is reaching out to amorous do-gooders with a new slogan: “Doing Good Never Felt Better.” For each condom the company sells, they will donate one to an organization that will distribute them for free in an effort to stem sexually transmitted infections. So far, countries that could potentially benefit from this new campaign include Uganda, Thailand, and Haiti. Matthew Gerson, the company’s co-founder, said the three countries were chosen because of the success the organizations have had in overcoming cultural issues around contraceptives. "We're really careful about who we're partnering with," said Alex Smith, director of marketing and partnerships.

Cruelty-free philanthropists, take heart: Sir Richard’s condoms are made without casein, a dairy by-product. “Our demographic is more sensitive to the ingredients,” says Gerson. The packaging is another thing that sets these condoms apart: they have a colorful plaid print on the wrapper. Sir Richard’s is hoping to attract women, college students, and the gay community, and they plan to sell the condoms nationwide at eco-friendly grocery stores and retail locations that target a socially progressive customer.

The condoms are slated to hit the market by October. So, come this fall, you can be safe, charitable, vegan, and stylish - all at the same time!

This Dish Is Veg Contributor Jane Schlech is passionate about animal welfare and vegetarianism/veganism.  

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Photo Credit: sirrichards.com