17 June 2010

Vegetarian band of brothers releases environmentally friendly digital EP

Vegetarian brothers Bharat, Anand, and Dhyan Chalmers, also known as the Australian Band The Sparkling Arrest, have released their debut EP titled "Live In The White Room Pt. 1" in an environmentally friendly digital release format. The EP came to fruition after the trio received rave reviews for the video series they produced for YouTube.

Those looking to discover a new band, who not only gets a thumbs up from This Dish Is Veg for their soaring tunes but also their devotion to a compassionate diet, should check these guys out. The Sparkling Arrest’s dramatic sound comes alive with passionate vocals, seductive piano, and haunting guitar. The group explains their music and lyrics as “expressive and imaginative, combining force and power with subtlety and beauty.”

"Live in the White Room Pt. 1" includes 5 tracks and is available for purchase at the band’s website. To stay updated with the latest The Sparkling Arrest info, fans can “Like” them on Facebook or follow the group on Twitter.

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Photo Credit: The Sparkling Arrest