17 June 2010

Emotional video set to ‘Over The Rainbow’ examines damage from Gulf oil spill

After returning from a trip to the Gulf Coast, Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) Executive Director David Yarnold drew inspiration for a new video from his 13 year old daughter, Nicole.

While looking through pictures and videos from the trip with his wife, Yarnold’s daughter began playing the music from the hit show, Glee. Seeing the devastating images coupled with the melodic version of “Over the Rainbow” caused the executive director to choke up.

Yarnold contacted Peter Rice, Chairman of Fox Networks Entertainment, and received permission to use the song to create an emotional video showing the impact of BP’s Deepwater Horizon oil disaster.

“The inspiration was Nicole’s,” writes Yarnold. “This is for her, and for all of our kids – and theirs to come.”

Watch the video then visit www.edf.org/cleanenergy to send an email to your Senators urging them to embrace clean energy alternatives.

Photo Credit: video screen capture