28 May 2010

World Wildlife Fund teams up with Leonardo DiCaprio to ‘Save Tigers Now’

Leonardo DiCaprio, the star of the highly anticipated summer movie release “Inception”, is taking on a role with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) that unfortunately is not based on science fiction, assisting the organization in its efforts to save tigers from extinction.

DiCaprio joined the WWF’s “Save Tigers Now” campaign after the Hollywood star was enlightened by conservationists on the plight of the endangered creatures.

“Tigers are endangered and critical to some of the world’s most important ecosystems,” said DiCaprio. “Key conservation efforts can save the tiger species from extinction, protect some of the planet’s last wild habitats and help sustain the local communities surrounding them. By protecting this iconic species, we can save so much more.”

The Oscar-nominated actor is traveling to Asia as part of a WWF expedition that will provide the actor with hands on experience with activities ranging from participating in anti-poaching patrols to exploring ways to further protect the animals.

“Give tigers enough space and protection and they’ll recover,” said WWF CEO Carter Roberts. “But public support means everything and changing laws and ending demand for tiger parts means we need to tell their story – in places like the U.S., India and China. Which is why this partnership with Leonardo is so important, he can reach the public, tell this story to our children and engage leaders around the world – to save tigers now.”

The campaign’s goal is to raise $20 million with the hopes of doubling the nearly extinct animal’s population by 2022. Currently only 3,200 tigers remain in the wild.

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Photo Credit: cc: flickr.com/photos/90389546@N00