27 May 2010

PETA’s venture into real estate continues, next up ‘The Amityville Horror’ house

The Long Island, New York home depicted in the 1979 film “The Amityville Horror” is currently on the real estate market for a hefty $1.15 million but if it’s up to PETA the alleged haunted house won’t make it to close anytime soon.

Just like with the scene of another film classic “Field of Dreams” the animal rights organization has a plan in store for the five-bedroom Dutch Colonial. Think Halloween.

PETA has penned a letter to the current owner requesting a rent agreement that would allow the almost always controversial organization to convert the home to a haunted house subtly named the “Amityville Slaughterhouse of Horrors.”

And if you ever wondered what a “Slaughterhouse of Horrors” would entail, never fear, in the letter PETA’s executive VP Tracy Reiman describes in detail what the ghastly attraction would feature.

“In our horror house, the sound of slaughterhouse blades whirring while animals scream for their lives would play over loudspeakers. Visitors would be able to see animatronic hens struggling for space inside tiny battery cages and lifelike 'fish' gasping for air as they slowly suffocate on the deck of a fishing boat. Guests would be able to touch actual instruments used by these cruel industries, including branding irons that inflict third-degree burns on cows and electrified prods that are used to force sick animals to walk to their deaths at slaughterhouses. Visitors would also have the opportunity to be 'locked' in a tiny metal-and-concrete gestation pig crate, and kids would receive a doll that resembles a crazed, knife-wielding Ronald McDonald as well as information on PETA's McCruelty campaign. The on-site Cruelty-Free Café would feature delicious vegan food, such as protein-packed mock chicken and faux ribs.”

We at This Dish Is Veg are not sure if the Cruelty-Free Café would be very profitable considering the audio and visual experience serving as the appetizer.

One thing is for sure though, if you have watched any of the undercover investigations into slaughterhouses and/or factory farms you know the horror is definitely real.

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Photo Credit: cc: flickr.com/photos/dougtone