27 May 2010

‘The Ugliest Dog Alive’ sets record with most ugly dog contest wins

International canine star Rascal aka The Ugliest Dog Alive, has set a new record—winning more ugly dog contests that any other pup in history. The 6.5 pound hairless African Sand Dog, companion to actor and producer Dane Andrew, won his first World’s Ugliest Dog contest in 2002 and since then has claimed 10 more titles.

Rascal comes from a long line of homely pooches. His mother, grandmother, and grandfather, have all held the acclaimed "The World's Ugliest Dog" title.

The Dog Wonder, as dubbed by Batman’s Adam West, has appeared on Jay Leno’s Tonight Show, The View, The Jane Pauley Show, Last Call with Carson Daily, Kathy Griffin’s My Life, and five Animal Planet shows.

According to Dane Andrew, “Rascal, who lives with rescue kitties twice his size, spreads his message through his notoriety for people to spay, neuter, adopt instead of breeding and donate to your local shelter, especially the smaller no-kill rescues - after all, Rascal would not be here if not for rescue.”

For more information about Rascal’s adventures visit ugliestdogalive.com.

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Photo Credit: Dane Andrew