20 May 2010

PETA wants ‘Field of Dreams’ to become pig-empathy center

Could the “Field of Dreams” become the “Field of Nightmares”?

In case you haven’t heard the 193 acre Iowa farm where the legendary baseball film was shot is for sale and while the property is on the block animal rights organization PETA has an interesting lease proposal for current owners Don and Becky Lansing.

The creative folks at PETA would like to use the land for a multimedia exhibit that depicts the plight of factory farmed pigs, a “pig-empathy center” located right smack dab in the state that leads America in pork production.

"If we build it, visitors will come to hear about how pigs feel pain and fear just as we do," says PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman. "Our multimedia display will leave visitors enlightened and empowered, knowing that they can stop the abuse of these intelligent, friendly animals simply by leaving pork off their plates."

In a letter sent to the Lansing’s Reiman writes, “Pigs get a worse rap than Shoeless Joe. As the nation's number one pork-producing state, Iowa has factory farms that are truly a "Field of Nightmares" for pigs, who live in filth and often have their tails, teeth, and testicles cut off without any pain relief. After a lifetime of suffering, the first time that many pigs breathe fresh air is the day that they are forced onto a transport truck and taken to the slaughterhouse, where some pigs have their throats cut while they are still conscious.”

No word as of yet to the Lansing’s response to PETA’s request although considering the impact on the potential sale of the property the plan is probably in the bottom of the ninth with a 5 run deficit, 2 outs and a 1-2 count. Yeah don’t hold your breath.

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Photo Credit: sellfieldofdreamsmoviesite.com