07 May 2010

'Animal Planet Investigates: Petland' to address puppy mill allegations

On Monday May 17 at 10 p.m. ET/PT Animal Planet presents Animal Planet Investigates: Petland. The special will focus on a Humane Society's (HSUS) investigation into Petland’s alleged sale of puppies obtained from puppy mills and the subsequent lawsuit against Petland brought forth by the store’s customers.

Viewers are introduced to an HSUS undercover investigator named “Mike” who, after a dangerous investigation, discovers lengthy violations and inhumane practices at the commercial dog breeders who supply Petland. Violations included “more than 140 dogs housed in chicken-wire kennels, water bowls encrusted with mold and containing green water, pungent aromas of wet dog and one breeder's confession that she kills healthy dogs because of their less-than-stellar looks.”

Petland states emphatically that they do not purchase from puppy mills, yet “Mike” was able to find a connection between the retailers and the mass breeders.

"In our Animal Planet Investigates specials, we are committed to providing viewers with a raw and unrestricted access to crucial animal issues," says Marjorie Kaplan, president and general manager of Animal Planet. "It's our responsibility--however horrifying as it may be--to raise questions about the practice of mass dog breeding and to question whether hard profit is put before the welfare of animals."

Animal Planet Investigates: Petland also features many families who have been affected by Petland’s alleged connection to inhumane breeders.

The show is part of the Animal Planet Investigates quarterly series. Previously Animal Planet premiered Animal Planet Investigates: Dog Fighting. Animal Planet Investigates: Gang Dogs is the third installment of the series and will air next quarter.

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Photo Credit: cc: flickr.com/photos/tdeering