06 May 2010

Cars.com survey reveals consumers are still ‘unsure’ about electric vehicles

Apparently plugging a car into an outlet prior to long work day commutes, taking the kids to soccer practice or running those all important errands still causes a bit of anxiety with American consumers. A Cars.com survey shows that 40-percent of respondents are “unsure” of the technology.

"Electric cars still face many hurdles in the minds of consumers who have range anxiety," said Cars.com Editor and Chief, Patrick Olsen. "When asked for reasons they would not purchase an electric car, 54 percent said they feared they would run out of electricity while out on the road, while 43 percent said they drive distances greater than electric technology will currently allow."

Consumers also revealed concerns regarding the cost and time needed to charge an electric vehicle. Thirty-six percent of respondents said their garage is not currently equipped with nor are they interested in adding the necessary outlet to charge a vehicle. And when it comes to charging times, 41-percent claim they want a vehicle that takes less than 2 hours to charge.

The survey also questioned consumers on clean diesel technology. Even though the technology has been around longer than its eco-friendly electric counterpart, 54-percent of consumers did not know enough about clean diesel to consider it for their next car purchase.

"It's interesting to note that more consumers say they have heard of electric cars than have heard of clean diesel cars, which have been around much longer," said Olsen. "Despite a growing number of eco-conscious consumers and interest in saving money at the pump, both of these alternatives have a ways to go to gain mass consumer awareness, appeal and acceptance. That said, we are thrilled to see more options being developed."

The survey was conducted online by Impulse Research on behalf of Cars.com with a random sample of 1030 men and women, 18 and older.

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Photo Credit: cc: flickr.com/photos/nostri-imago