26 April 2010

Green Screen offers natural alternative to traditional face masks

It may appear that a wearer of the new eco-friendly face mask called the Green Screen is the unfortunate victim of some inexplicable divot accident but in actuality they are protecting themselves from a myriad of harmful bacteria whilst protecting the environment from CO2.

The Green Screen –created by designer Robert Ortega—is an anti-bacterial and reusable face mask that “sequesters the Co2 from every exhale.”

It utilizes the pulp of fungal spores and seeds to thwart the entrance of harmful bacteria into the respiratory system while capturing the CO2 from the breath as a user exhales.

In addition to fighting germs and cutting CO2, the Green Screen is easy to dispose of. When the mask eventually sprouts it can be planted directly into soil to grow.

The Green Screen was a finalist in this year’s “Project Greenway” competition conducted by the Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture.

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Photo Credit: Robert Ortega