26 April 2010

New eco-friendly ‘Sea-Urn’ makes sea scattering a green occasion

It seems as if the green movement has made an impact in just about every facet of our lives and now it can in death as well.

Sea-Urn Ltd. has introduced the new eco-friendly way to scatter your loved one’s remains on the high seas, lake, river or any other body of water. The new product, coincidentally called the Sea-Urn, is designed to keep remains from making a return trip to shore, a problem that many families encounter when conducting scattering tributes.

"Unfortunately, that tribute can be spoiled by high winds or rough seas, resulting in the cremated remains blowing back into the vessel or onto the shore," says Peter Moloney, owner of Sea-Urn Ltd.

The Sea-Urn features completely secured packaging that utilizes a controlled time release “which manages the scattering in a dignified way.” Once the remains have been scattered the Sea-Urn sinks and then quickly dissolves thanks to its water soluble design.

"We are confident that we have a superior product to anything that is presently on the market for scattering at sea," says Mr. DelGatto. "By getting our product to the consumer through various marketing and media channels, we will establish our brand 'Sea-Urn' as the choice in sea scattering throughout the US and abroad."

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Photo Credit: Sea-Urn Ltd.