19 April 2010

Disneynature ‘Oceans’ set to debut on Earth Day, joins forces with The Nature Conservancy

The Walt Disney independent film label Disneynature is following up its first big screen effort “Earth” with a new feature that is set for nationwide release on April 22, simply and aptly named “Oceans.” A portion of the each ticket sold during the film’s opening week (April 22-28) will be donated to the establishment of new marine protected areas in the Bahamas through an initiative with The Nature Conservancy called “See Oceans, Save Oceans.”

“We launched our newest label Disneynature and ’EARTH’ with our ‘Buy a Ticket, Plant a Tree’ effort that benefited The Nature Conservancy’s Plant a Billion Trees Campaign,” said Chuck Viane, president, distribution, for Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures. “This year, our focus has shifted to the planet’s oceans with ‘See OCEANS, Save Oceans.’ We recognize the importance of coral reefs to the intricate global ecosystem and we want to help preserve them—both literally, through our contributions and commitment to organizations like The Nature Conservancy, and figuratively, by sharing the spectacular imagery of ‘OCEANS’ with audiences worldwide.”

"From coral reefs and their abundance of life to the solitary swimmers that lurk in the depths, this film demonstrates that oceans are home to some of the planet’s most amazing creatures,” said Mark Tercek, president and CEO of The Nature Conservancy. "While their bounty seems infinite, oceans and coasts are in great jeopardy from growing demands. Our hope is that this unique collaboration—and this important film—will educate an audience of millions about how to protect our oceans for generations to come."

The film promises to reveal never-before-seen imagery of the ocean’s depths and features the vocal talents of former James Bond star and environmentalist, Pierce Brosnan.

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Photo Credit: Disneynature's Oceans