08 April 2010

L.A. based animal welfare organization indicates pet overpopulation as 'biggest' animal cruelty

Actors and Others for Animals is recognizing National Prevention of Animal Cruelty month by asking residents to spay or neuter their pets. The L.A. based animal welfare organization believes that overpopulation is the most prominent cause of cruelty and abuse.

According to the group, it is estimated that an average of 500 dogs and cats enter the shelter system in the Los Angeles area each day with over fifty-percent eventually requiring euthanization.

"We passionately believe that pet overpopulation is the greatest breeder of animal cruelty," said Executive Director Susan Taylor, "because it promotes a false and harmful impression that there will always be a loving and permanent home for every dog or cat born, when in fact many are born merely to be killed."

Actors and Others offers assistance to individuals who seek to spay or neuter their pets, you can reach a counselor at 818-755-6045 or 818-755-6323 Monday thru Friday 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.

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Photo Credit: cc: flickr.com/photos/heraldpost