06 April 2010

California bill requiring fur labeling moves to state Senate for consideration

California could become the sixth state to require clothing items made from animal fur to be labeled. The legislation passed the California State Assembly by a 46-7 vote and will now be considered by the state Senate.

The author of the bill, Assembly Majority Whip Fiona Ma, told the AP, "I think there is an expectation that if clothing isn't labeled as real fur it must be fake, but this isn't always the case."

Unbelievably, federal law only requires garments that contain animal fur equaling to or valuing more than $150 to be labeled as real fur. The law, if passed, would mandate that all clothing items made from fur be labeled with the species of animal and the country of origin.

Those who oppose the bill believe it may encumber the establishments that sell fur goods with more regulation and possible fines—cue World’s smallest violin.

A suggestion, outlaw all fur garments and the regulatory burden could be lifted altogether. Problem solved.

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Photo Credit: cc: flickr.com/photos/ericbegin