05 April 2010

Want yet another reason to quit smoking? Cigarette filters may contain pig’s blood

Cigarettes are known to contain a plethora of harmful substances such as cyanide, benzene formaldehyde and ammonia but a new study released by a Dutch research firm reveals another disgusting ingredient: pig’s blood.

According to the firm, pig hemoglobin—blood protein— was found in at least one brand of cigarettes’ filters. The hemoglobin reportedly increases the filter’s ability to trap the harmful chemicals that are released during smoking.

So if an increased risk of heart disease, cancer and stench was not enough to sway you towards quitting smoking now consider the presence of swine blood in your cancer stick. It definitely raises serious religious and other lifestyle issues—see vegetarianism.

University of Sydney Professor in Public Health, Simon Chapman, tells The Daily Telegraph, "I think that there would be some particularly devout groups who would find the idea that there were pig products in cigarettes to be very offensive."

As if causing 1 in 5 deaths in the United States was not offensive enough.

Photo Credit: cc: flickr.com/photos/lanier67