02 April 2010

Federal judge denies New Mexico cockfighters class action suit

Apparently the New Mexico Game Fowl Breeders Association believes its civil rights are being abused and the damages caused by the infractions can be quantified in the amount of a cool $77 million. You guessed it, the association decided to sue. Thankfully U.S. Chief District Judge Martha Vazquez denied the group’s class action suit against several defendants earlier this week.

The lawsuit was prompted by enforcement efforts of the state’s 2007 ban on cockfighting. So yes the New Mexico Game Fowl Breeders Association felt violated by state officials who were enforcing the law as it is written.

Heather Ferguson of Animal Protection New Mexico was obviously pleased by the judge’s decision and made her feelings crystal clear on the “baseless” lawsuit, she tells the AP, "The courts seemingly have scoured the Constitution and have not found any indication of a civil right that allows people to strap knives on the heels of roosters to fight to the death.”

Unfortunately it appears cockfighting proponents won’t go away without a fight, earlier this week two resolutions were introduced in Hawaii that would protect the disgusting bloodsport as a cultural activity.

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Photo Credit: flickr.com/photos/thomashawk