01 April 2010

Vegan friendly Easter activity for families: Hand Dyeing

Special Easter Edition

As can be seen through our work, Eric and I are all about doing our own thing—not being part of the norm. Many years ago, when our daughters were very small, while many families spent Easter Sunday coloring eggs, we started a new tradition. Hand dyeing.

That’s right, this is a vegan friendly Easter activity.

Simply make the dye as directed on the Egg Hand Coloring Kit. Cover the counter with towels and the kiddos' clothes with smocks. Let the hand dyeing commence.

Hands can be dipped in one swoop or, for the adventurous, finger by finger. After hands are sufficiently colored and dried, stickers can added for extra decoration.

There you have it—a cruelty-free and very fun activity that will create everlasting memories.

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Photo Credit: Daelyn Fortney