31 March 2010

Defenders of Wildlife urges Discovery to pull plug on Sarah Palin show

Defenders of Wildlife is outraged at Discovery’s decision to air “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” and the organization is looking for individuals who agree to send a letter to the network urging them to drop the new show.

On behalf of the millions of Defenders of Wildlife supporters, President Rodger Schlickeisen penned a letter to Discover Communications.

"Palin’s extreme record and positions on wildlife issues that our members, and indeed millions more Americans, care deeply about should raise serious reservations about whether she is someone with whom your company should wanted to be associated,” writes Schlickeisen. “I know that, like many Americans, Defenders members are wildlife-lovers in all aspects of their lives, including the television they watch.

“But Sarah Palin’s presence on the TLC channel could seriously compromise the reputation and integrity of all Discover Communications ventures—including Animal Planet, Treehugger, Planet Green, and Pet Finder to name but a few.”

The letter includes some background on Palin’s past anti-conservation policies including her promotion of aerial wolf hunting, polar bear EDA opposition, and support of drilling in ANWR.

Schlickeisen continues, “Unless Mark Burnett Productions intends to shine a light on the reality of Palin’s extreme views, any final product would be viewed by millions as disingenuous at best and insulting at worst.”

Defenders of Wildlife has received support from more than 100,000 people who have taken the time to send Discovery a message from the wildlife organization’s website.

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Photo Credit: defenders.org screen capture