24 March 2010

Queen’s Brian May supports legal action to stop badger cull

In an effort to stop a planned culling of badgers in mid and west Wales, Queen guitarist Brian May has joined forces with animal charity Badger Trust in legal action against the proposal.

The guitarist attended a hearing on Mar 22 and 23 requesting a judicial review of the planned slaughter. The proposed cull is designed to alleviate issues with bovine TB within the region but May disagrees. During a break from the hearing he told the BBC that it's “bad science.”

The sixty-one-year-old rocker explained, “This would be genocide. To me countries do not matter. Badgers are not British they belong to the world and they belong to everyone.”

The Farmers Union of Wales believes May’s involvement is nothing more than a “cynical publicity stunt” and claims that tens of thousands of cattle have been killed by the TB outbreak.

The first cull, if the challenge fails, will begin at the end of badger breeding season in May.

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Photo Credit: cc: flickr.com/photos/iceman75