18 March 2010

PETA requests domain donation to tout ‘veggie Viagra’

PETA has requested that DOM Partners LLC, the current holder of the domain name Sex.com, donate the web site instead of going ahead with an auction that was originally set to begin March 18.

The animal rights organization would like to utilize the domain to “educate visitors about the wonders of “veggie Viagra.”

"PETA wants to turn carnivores on... to vegan foods--a natural form of Viagra," says Tracy Reiman, PETA’s Executive Vice President. "Our offer makes everyone a winner: DOM Partners can take a huge tax write-off, and visitors to Sex.com can charge up their sex lives while saving animals' lives."

According to PETA, men with a penchant for meat have a difficult time rising to the occasion as they grow older and when they actually do perform it’s not all that noteworthy.