17 March 2010

Gallup poll finds Americans more positive about quality of environment

Fewer Americans are worried about the environment as compared to years before, according to a new poll released by Gallup.

Almost half of the respondents, 46%, say that the overall quality of the environment in the United States is “excellent” or “good,” up from 39% in March 2009. However 53% continue to rate today’s environmental conditions as “fair” or “poor.”

The poll also found that, ”Public optimism about the environmental outlook surged among independents and Democrats in surveys bracketing the shift in presidential administrations from George W. Bush's to Obama's. Republicans' views did not change.”

A minuscule 14% of Democrats believed the outlook for the quality of the environment was getting better in March of 2008 compared to 39% in March 2009 and 40% in March 2010.

Americans are divided into thirds regarding the degree of worry about the environment with 34% worrying a great deal, 34% worrying a fair amount, and 31% worrying only a little or not at all.

The poll was part of Gallup’s annual Social Series Environment survey conducted March 4-7, 2010. Results are based on interviews conducted by telephone with a random sample of 1,014 adults.

To view the Gallup poll in its entirety, visit gallup.com.

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Photo Credit: Gallup