16 March 2010

UK catering magazine features vegetarian advocate Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney appears on this month’s cover of UK catering magazine Stir It Up. Inside the magazine McCartney discusses the Meat Free Monday campaign and shares a favorite recipe, Spicy Refried Bean Tacos with Mexican Corn Bread.

McCartney and his daughters, Stella and Mary, launched the Meat Free Monday campaign in 2009 to raise awareness of the environmental impact of meat production and consumption. Through the campaign, which has attracted more than 14,000 supporters, the McCartney’s urge everyone to participate in at least one meatless day per week.

“Climate change is a really important issue and we all have to do our bit,” McCartney explains. “Meat production contributes more to global climate change than transport. So changing the way we eat is a good place to start.”

The former Beatles member hopes to see real change in 2010 with menus across the world in schools, universities, workplaces, and restaurants reflecting the public’s growing interest in climate-friendly eating. Additionally McCartney would like the Meat Free Monday logo used as a guide to sustainable choices when dining out and shopping.

“When you are eating out, very often the only vegetarian choices are pasta and salad," says the singer. "It’s no wonder some people think vegetarian food is a bit bland. I’ve been fortunate enough to travel all over the world and I know that there is exciting vegetarian food in every culture. If more people are going to really embrace the idea of regularly choosing vegetarian options, the food on offer has to reflect this variety.”

To read the interview in its entirety and print out the recipe, visit Stir It Up Magazine [pdf].

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Photo Credit: cc: stiritupmagazine.co.uk