15 March 2010

East Village Community School in Manhattan adopts Meatless Mondays

East Village Community School in Manhattan will go meat free every Monday, a decision that city officials say will improve student health, save the Department of Education money and help save the environment.

The move was prompted by an initiative developed by the John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, the school is named after alumnus and current Mayor of New York City Michael Bloomberg.

The Mayor has spearheaded an effort to fight New York’s childhood obesity epidemic, an issue that is plaguing not only the Big Apple but the entire nation. According to the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, 1 in 5 kindergartners in New York City are obese while CDC statistics show nationally 17% of children aged 6-11 are obese.

Cutting meat from the menu once a week is a step in the right direction, eliminating cholesterol and harmful saturated fats, reducing salt intake and of course the added bonus of being more compassionate.

Even better, The New York City Department of Education is considering expanding the Meatless Monday program to all cafeterias throughout the city, Sir Paul McCartney has to be proud.

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