11 March 2010

AussieBum makes eco-friendly underwear made from banana plants

The latest in green fashion has come from the Land Down Under and, ironically, covers the parts down under. Australian company, AussieBum has developed a new line of eco-friendly men’s underwear made out of bananas.

A world's first, the underwear is made from the weave of fiber extracted from the bark of the banana plant and mixed with soft organic cotton producing an end product that is comfortable, stylish, and made with minimal environmental impact.

Just how did AussieBum come up with the idea of using bananas in its undies? AussieBum Executive Assistant Lloyd Jones explains, “We researched into the concept of banana fabric with a knitting mill in Australia and discovered it is a very economically friendly fibre and also very comfy to wear! So fits perfectly for a fabric in underwear.”

Currently the brand is only available for men but rest assured ladies, AussieBum has plans to develop a line of banana panties for women. In the meantime, you can enjoy the AussieBum Banana Range commercial below showcasing the undies that are “so natural, you can almost eat it— almost.”

To snag a pair of these skivvies, visit aussiebum.com. For a limited time, the company is offering free shipping worldwide.  (Some restrictions apply.)  You can also find AussieBum on Twitter and Facebook.

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Photo Credit: AussieBum