10 March 2010

Weight Watchers labels McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets as ‘healthy’

After a quick check outside it has been verified that the end of the world has not arrived, yet the artery hardening processed chicken parts known as Chicken McNuggets will begin to feature the Weight Watchers logo in New Zealand.

McDonald’s and Weight Watchers have hammered out a deal—most likely involving large sums of cash—that will allow the fast food giant to promote their food to those who are attempting to lose a few pounds.

The home of Ronald and the Big Mac (AKA heart attack in a sack) will label three menu items with the Weight Watchers’ logo including the aforementioned Chicken McNuggets, Filet-O-Fish and the Sweet Chili Seared Chicken Wrap.

When considering that the Filet-O-Fish contains the least amount of fat of the three items, at 18 grams, you can imagine the reaction from health experts.

Jane Martin, the Australian Obesity Policy Coalition Senior Adviser tells the Telegraph, "It implies this food is healthy ... when often it is high in fat and salt. Chicken McNuggets are Chicken McNuggets whether its got Weight Watchers on it or not."

McDonald’s brass seem to disagree. Mark Hawthorne, the CEO of New Zealand’s branch of the fast food paradise believes the venture “is a noble cause.”

Hey nothing says nobility like offering people with weight issues food that is high in salt, fat, calories and let me add cruelty.

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Photo Credit: cc: flickr.com/photos/ramener