26 February 2010

Strickland and Kasich denounce Ohio anti-cruelty ballot measure

(photo credit: farmsanctuary.org)

While speaking at The Ohio Farm Bureau Federation’s Annual Ag Day in Columbus on Feb. 23, both Governor Ted Strickland and GOP challenger John Kasich denounced a proposed anti-cruelty ballot measure that would create standards to prevent cruel and inhumane treatment of Ohio farm animals.

The measure would create standards that prohibit barbaric factory farming practices including extreme confinement in tiny cages, allowing sick and injured cows to enter the human food chain, and inhumane methods of euthanasia. Similar laws have already been enacted in Michigan, Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Maine, and Oregon.

“I know we will work together to make sure what has been done is not undone. If we want to eat, and if we want access to affordable and inexpensive food, it is important for the agricultural community within our state not to be hamstrung and to have their hands tied behind their back by those who do not fully appreciate the value of what happens on our farms," said Gov. Strickland.

“No outsiders ought to come in here and try to destroy our farms. I am going on TV and I am going to defeat this extremism. I am marching with you,” Kasich said.

Both gubernatorial candidates along with the Ohio Farm Bureau supported Issue 2 which established the Ohio Livestock Care Standards Board – an amendment, which through its wording, bamboozled voters into passing this past November. Opposition to Issue 2 included The Humane Society of the United States, League of Women Voters, and the Ohio Sierra Club – all who saw the measure as favoring large factory farmers which in turn would perpetuate the cruel treatment of animals.

By Strickland and Kasich opposing the latest anti-cruelty measure, they are saying that they support the inhumane treatment of animals in our state. This does not come as a shock as the Buckeye State is consistently ranked toward the bottom of animal welfare legislation when compared to other states.

This Dish Is Vegetarian (TDIV) is based out of NE Ohio and fully supports the Ohioans for Humane Farms ballot initiative. Shame on both these candidates for letting Ag votes usurp morality.

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