26 February 2010

Big Ag wins again as Yellow Tail withdrawals future support of Humane Society

(photo credit: humanesociety.org & yellowtailwine.com)

Casella Wines, producer of the Yellow Tail brand, will no longer support the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) after enduring a mini-onslaught of negative commentary for its recent $100,000 donation to the animal welfare organization.

Not surprisingly, the backlash was most likely fueled by big Ag interests and its allies who have long contended that HSUS is attempting to destroy the agricultural industry. Why you may ask, because the animal protection group supports a meat free lifestyle, you know the lifestyle that greatly reduces heart disease, diabetes, obesity and not to mention animal cruelty.

Big Ag and other compassionate souls like the U.S. Sportsmen's Alliance, launched an anti-Yellow Tail campaign cleverly called “Yellow Fail” on the social network giant Facebook. This campaign is credited with ending Casella’s relationship with HSUS.

The Facebook group has a whopping (sarcasm) 3,688 fans (compared to over 209K fans of the HSUS Facebook page), so Yellow Tail caved in to a tiny vocal minority propped up, some probably unknowingly, by big money interests. But according to the group’s overview they are nothing more than a few concerned citizens, I guess that just happen to follow Yellow Tail news religiously. Here’s an excerpt from the Facebook group info page:

“Yellow Fail was spawned by farmers, hunters, and pet owners and other animal welfare advocates in an outrage that their beloved wine company is using it proceeds from wine sells to support a controversial organization like HSUS. We are a group of independent people fighting a grass roots campaign to defend our right to take care of our animals in the most ethical ways possible.”

Ah yes “hunters…and other animal welfare advocates,” the first thing I think of when considering compassion and welfare of living creatures is obviously not hunting. Who does this group think they are fooling, other than Casella Wines?

Hey but I guess this group of pretenders was right after all, Yellow Tail is a major fail.

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