25 February 2010

Hannah Teter going off the grid after Winter Olympics

(photo credit: video screen capture)

Halfpipe silver medalist Hannah Teter plans to live off the grid in a tent-like dwelling aka a “yurt” after the Olympics.

"I will live in the yurt part time," Teter told PEOPLE magazine. "Mom has [a] huge garden and fruit trees, and I love it there. I helped my parents get solar power this past year, and I'll be running on solar and hopefully wind power with my yurt so I can be completely off the grid."

While speaking with PEOPLE, the snowboarder also revealed that she enjoys cooking stir-fry vegetables with a side of Quinoa for dinner.

From her vegetarian lifestyle to her humanitarian efforts, and now with plans to live an eco-friendly abode, Teter is the true Green sweetheart of the Vancouver Winter Olympics and continues to amaze and inspire us with each additional interview.

To support Hannah's charity buy yourself some maple syrup at HannahsGold.com.

Watch an MSNBC interview with Hannah Teter below.  She discusses her childhood, her efforts in Kenya, and her thoughts about our planet's future.

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