19 February 2010

American Idol runner up Adam Lambert thinks fur looks great

During a recent interview with BLI in the Morning, American Idol runner up Adam Lambert was asked if he was opposed to fur.

Lambert: “I know this is the most un-pc way to put it but I didn’t kill the thing so I don’t see why I can’t wear it."

BLI In The Morning co-host Randy: “I love fur too. I mean, really, I eat cow!”

Lambert: “You know, we eat meat. I don’t like cruelty to animals obviously, anything that can be done to prevent that but I think fur looks great.”

Randy: “I do too, Adam. I say line ‘em up, kill ‘em, and sew ‘em together.”

If Adam Lambert doesn’t approve of animals being treated poorly, then he should reconsider his love of fur. The For Your Entertainment singer needs to realize that the millions of fur-bearing animals that are barbarically killed each year need their fur more than we do. And, of course, all the cool kids wear Imposter faux fur nowadays.

Photo Credit: cc: flickr.com/photos/stevec74